Art by Jenny Keith

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Jenny's Biography

Jenny Keith was born in 1981 and grew up in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Alberta, where she studied painting and sculpture. She has been making art as long as she can remember.

Jenny paints with acrylic and oil on canvas or board, and since 2007, she has been creating acrylic and beeswax paintings. The subjects of the painting are often animals, painted in a whimsical style with a degree of realism. These works often have a narrative quality, occasionally incorporating text. She also creates large-scale abstract works influenced by microscopic cellular imagery.

The process of the beeswax paintings is new and evolving. Jenny discovered the material through a friend and fellow Edmonton artist and has been developing her own procedures and techniques to create these layered pieces. She builds and primes the support, then makes an underpainting directly on the board. The next step is to melt the raw beeswax and pour it over the painting. She then brings out details by etching into the wax, then filling the lines with paint. Finally another layer of paint on top and a varnish to seal and protect the work.

Art, animals, nature and travel are Jenny?s passions. She has traveled extensively and always returns inspired to create new art. Since animals are a dominant theme in her art, Jenny enjoys any opportunity to observe them in their natural environment. She hopes that through her art she is able to share some of the joy and amazement she finds in nature.

Curriculum Vitae


1999-2003 Bachelor of Fine Arts (with distinction) from the University of Alberta, focusing on painting and sculpture


November/December 2008 – “My World Within and Without”, Group exhibition curated by Lise Curry, New York

August/September 2008 – “Magpies and Monarchs”, Solo exhibition, Prince George Gallery, New York

April 2008 – Notebook Launch, Group exhibition for magazine feature, Café Select, Edmonton

December 2007/January 2008 – “Honey Lens”, Solo exhibition, Prince George Gallery, New York

September 2007 - "CORTEX" - multidisciplinary event, group exhibition, Latitude 53 Gallery, Edmonton

August 2007 - "Be: Hive" - exhibition with Sydney Lancaster, Cafe Select, Edmonton

June/July 2007 - "The Works" - art and design festival, Winston Churchill Square, Edmonton

February 2007 - "Greedy Beasts", solo exhibition, Remedy, Edmonton

January 2007 - "Form vs. Content", Mile Zero Dance, Salon Series, Edmonton

December 2006 - "Recurrent and Tender", solo exhibition, Red Strap Art Market, Edmonton

September 2006 - "CORTEX", multidisciplinary event, group exhibition, Red Strap Art Market, Edmonton

February 2006 - "Senile Felines", solo exhibition, Remedy, Edmonton

August 2004 - Mido-pa Gallery, solo exhibition, Namchang, South Korea

February 2004 - "Piranha-Banana-Rama", solo exhibition, Remedy Café, Edmonton

April 2003 - FAB Gallery, U of A Grad Show, Edmonton

April 2002 - Hip Salon, Edmonton


"Pet Sights" - By Amy Fung, See Magazine Dec 14 - Dec 20, 2006. No. 681

“Be:Hive – Sydney Lancaster and Jenny Keith-Hughes” – By Amy Fung, Prairie Artsters, July 7, 2007.

“Frostfire” – Featured on the cover for the premier issue of Frostfire, a new Edmonton arts magazine, October 2007

“Notebook” – Featured on the cover of Notebook Magazine, with a 6 page showcase, volume 2, issue 5, April 2008

“Other Voices”- Featured on the cover of Other Voices Magazine, with an 8 page showcase for the 20 th anniversary edition of Other Voices, May 2008